Unique World Expedition to Mount Everest in May 2014!

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We invite Sponsors and participants! Your flag could be raised at the top of Mt. Everest!!
The expedition timeline is as follows: May, June 2014 - ascending.
April 2014 - arrival of the group to the base camp at Mt. Everest.
Among the participants is the "Snow Bars" Valentin Bozhukov, who will turn 80 years old, and has already conquered more than 40 7000-meter mount tops. The expedition will also have a camera crew to document the ascent.
The uniqueness of this expedition is the fact that a hang-glider descent is planned from the top of the mountain. Currently the topic of discussion is which flag the expedition members will carry to the top of Mt. Everest.
This expedition to the top of Mt. Everest is looking for main Investor or Sponsor, and needs to raise $80 000. Other sponsors may input $15000 each and will be officially included into all the catalogues, magazines, etc. as financial sponsors of the Expedition. A Ginness World Record is planned, as well as aggressive advertising and promotion in the international media worldwide...
We have a large community on Facebook, and we are positive that many interested organizations would enjoy seeing a flag of their company raised atop Mt. Everest, and use the video made during the climb as a huge promotion and advertising!
If you're interested, please feel free to contact the expedition coordinators via:
Skype: lesextreme , Olesya Facebook page Olesya Vodinskaya
or personal me - Facebook page Sergey Skuratov

! Экспедиция Эверест Полет 2014 - Expedition to Mount Everest Экспедиция 2014 на Эверест в честь Кузьмина Кирилла Константиновича - тренера и учителя Божукова Валентина Михайловича.
Опубликовано balabanoff 18:47 23.10.2012 | Метки: к.к. кузьмин, дсо "молния" , Рубрики: Альпинизм :
"Кузьмин Кирилл Константинович - выдающийся альпинист-высотник Советского Союза: ЗМС, МСМК, ЗТр. СССР. Готовил советскую команду-высотников к восхождению на Эверест (1959 г.). Увы, экспедиция не состоялась.
Человек и альпинист заслуженный, уважаемый и без преувеличения выдающийся. Личные вещи такого человека - предметы достойные музея спорта.
P.S. Книгу "К.К. Кузьмин - гидростроитель-альпинист" подготовила к печати Наталья Николаевна Кузьмина. Книга состоит из 2-х глав: "К.К. Кузьмин - гидростроитель" и "К.К. Кузьмин - альпинист". В подготовке второй части принимали участие Валентин Михайлович Божуков и Иван Дмитриевич Богачев."


ClimberCA Mountaineering consortium is an official sponsor of an Unique Expedition to Mount Everest in May 2014! https://www.facebook.com/climberca

Международный консорциум ClimberCA является официальным спонсором уникальной экспедиции на гору Эверест в мае 2014 .. http://t.co/JVbK6Ylol1

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