Pangi Valley; mountaineering history; unclimbed objectives from the Saichu Valley.

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2007 Bonington returned, this time going up the Sural Valley from the administrative capital, Killar. While he and Raj Kumar climbed Peak 5,027m, the other three members of his British team, Rob Ferguson, Graham Little and Jim Lowther, attempted the northwest face of unclimbed Shiva Shankar (6,011m), failing due to rotten rock. It was left to Japanese Kazuo Kozu, Hidetaka Lizuka, and Reiko Maruyama, with three Indian porters, to make the first ascent of Shiva Shankar (a.k.a Sersank Peak, because it dominates the Sersank Pass to the north) the following year, via the same route attempted by the British trio.



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